Review 2020

What a year it has been for the world, one to forget with the pandemic effecting how we live & socialise, but there have been a few running positives in this bleakest of years!!!


Volunteer Milestone

The year started off so well at Wardown Juniors where I was celebrating my 100th parkrun volunteering day.

So as the run director I decided it would be a purple takeover event, promoting hi-vis volunteering heroes that without them parkrun could never take place each week!

There was cake and sweets afterwards with everyone having a great time on the first junior parkrun of the year 🙂

250th Celebration

Always good to help celebrate Vicky Hamblin a very good parkrun tourist friend on her 250th parkrun event held at Alice Holt a tough, but beautiful course!

Well done Vicky! I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the Basingstoke crew again in the future!


So on the 23rd March we all entered a national lockdown in the UK, even though I was lucky in a lot of respects, the loss of parkrun, club coaching especially on our annual club beginners course, did help to have an negative effect on my mental wellbeing for a while during this time 😦

But on the 12th May I took my first steps outside since March with a 1.6 mile walk and it felt brilliant!

Couch to 5K

So how was I going to get fit again after such a long period of running inactivity, take the NHS Couch to 5K programme of course that has inspired so many people into taking up running!

This was one of the best things that I could do for my sole, a structured programme that supports you through 9 weeks with a coached audio files for each session supplied by an accompanying phone app!

I feel this course is brilliant way of introducing non runners into our world and I loved it so much some I wrote a post about my experiences on my journey back to fitness! link here

Virtual Challenges

I still needed something extra to keep me motivated during lockdown with no club meets, parkrun or races almost non existent, I stumbled upon virtual run/walk challenges to sign up for that were a life saver!

Keech Hospice – Summer Challenge (completed)

First up was a summer challenge for my favourite local charity Keech Hospice Care where I set a target of 100 km walking that I started on the 3rd July and finished on the 20th August. I completed this in between each session of my Couch to 5K.

Land End to John O’ Groats 17th August – current

Love this challenge it entails that you have a year to complete a virtual mapped route from Lands End to John O’ Groats from End to End run website that total distance is 874 miles.

You can either run/walk or do both on this challenge and all you have to do is upload your daily total to their interactive website with accompanying photo image of your recorded distance!

As of this moment I am just reached over the halfway point and love the community support from their associated Facebook group 🙂


So in summing up I never really knew how important running was in my life as it took a global pandemic for me to see with the freedom running gives you that I had sadly taken for granted over the years!!

Finally lets hope 2021 is a year that will allow us all to run together again and make new memories 🙂

Stay safe everyone,

Mark aka Silent Runner

Couch to 5K+

After recently graduating from the excellent NHS Couch to 5K programme c25k, I decided to give their own graduates Couch to 5k+ podcasts a go.

They are designed to improve your technique, speed and stamina over 3 distinct podcasts!


The 3 distinct areas in this series are stepping stones, speed and stamina that includes the usual 5 mins of warm up and cool down walks!

Each podcast has Laura as your coach there to support you and each set has specially designed music for you to be able to run to different speeds associated to the beats of music per minute that in turn replicates your running strides!

As the say “The music has a beat to match and drive your stride when you run to increase your performance and make your running easier.”

Stepping Stones

The aim of stepping stones is to run continuously for 30 minutes and you are instructed to run at ever higher beats per minute (bpm) over 3 time sections!


  • Warm up walk 5 mins
  • Continuous running for 30 mins starting off with 150 through to 160 bmp for the last 5 mins
  • Cool down walk 5 mins

Duration 40 mins


The purpose of this set is to enable you to improve your overall speed by running at alternative slower and faster interval paces over 16 mins!


  • Walk 5 mins warm up
  • Run 5 mins at 155 bpm
  • Interval running of 1 minutes at fast 165 and slow 150 bpm x 6 sets
  • Walk 5 mins cool down

Duration 24 mins


This is a simple continuous 35 minute run to music to allow you to be able to run at a faster pace for longer!


  • Warm up walk 5 mins
  • Run 3 x 10 min sections starting with first at 158 bpm and then 2 x 160 bpm
  • Final 5 minutes of running is at 165 bpm
  • Cool down walk 5 mins

Duration 45 mins


These Couch to 5K+ podcasts successfully help bridge the gap for graduates of the C25K programme wishing to improve their running technique/pace in a very supportive way to specially designed music!

Finally on a personal level, I would like to thank everyone involved in this c25k programme in helping me get my running fitness back through this period of lockdown, top work guy’s!!



Couch to 5K – review


During lockdown after 2 month’s of worrying about Covid 19 and no physical exercise, I decided to take control of my life again for my own heath and mental wellbeing!

So I decided instead of just starting to run again, try out the NHS Couch to 5k exercise programme and write a review of what I found.



The course originally created by Josh Clark is designed for complete beginners to running and helps them over a 9 week programme that’s aim is to build up your stamina/fitness to be able to run continuously for 30 minutes without stopping!


The course is split up into 3 runs per week over a period of 9 weeks with every run starting with a 5 min warm up and finishing with a 5 min cool down walk.


Weeks 1 to 4 – You complete multiple run/walk combinations over each run and by week 4 your are running more than you are walking!

Weeks 5 to 6 – Each weeks runs have a different set of combinations, run 1-2 have differing run/walk time durations, while the final run of each week is run for a continuously for a period of time.

Weeks 7-9 – Very simple you are just continuously running between warmup and cool down walks. On the final week 9 you are invited to run 30 mins without stopping per run!


This programme is supported by a smartphone app that can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes and Android Google Play respective app stores or if you prefer you can just download the podcasts to be used by your mp3 player. I do recommend using if you can run with either the app or podcasts, why?

  • The app and podcast coach instructs you when to run and walk
  • On the app you can play your own motivational music playlist while on each run and the C25K app’s coach will only cut in to give you more instructions!
  • Great fun on the app you can choose who you want your personal coach for this programme 🙂


  • Before I started this programme I walked daily for a few weeks to build up my general fitness & strength
    • Allowing for social distancing try to run away from busy roads
  • Mix up your runs by taking different routes if at all possible
  • I would recommend a pair of bluetooth earbuds to pair up with your smartphone
  • Most important invest in a good pair of running shoes

Personal view

I found the c25k programme an excellent in regaining my running fitness, supported by the app helped motivate me to succeed!

I will admit though my running club beginners course 12 week schedule to be much more gentle in its run progression, but you still run for 30 mins at the end of week 12.  


So I would highly recommend the couch to 5K programme to anyone wishing to start on their running journey, you have all been told 🙂

So what next for me I will try out the follow up NHS Couch to 5K+ podcasts and I have signed up for the virtual run/walk Lands End to John O’ Groats that entails you have a year to complete the 874 miles distance, I will use this to keep my fitness up over the next year 🙂

So happy running everyone 🙂

Stay safe

Mark aka Silent Runner

Alice Holt

My first parkrun of a new decade took me to the beautiful location of Alice Holt Forest, located at Bucks Horn Oak, Farnham, Hampshire

Alice Holt Forest – History

The history of this royal forest goes back to the 18th and 19th centuries where it was then an oak forest that’s wood was used in building the ships for the Royal Navy. In much more recent times though the oak forest has now been replaced by conifer trees and ownership of the land as of 1924 been passed over to Forestry Commission.

So as of today, the forest covers 350 acres of land and caters for nearly 300,000 visitors a year who can enjoy many of the activities the park has to offer!

Double celebration

The purpose of my visit to Alice Holt was to help very good tourist friend Vicky Hamblin celebrate her 250th milestone parkrun and this turned into a double celebration when she teamed up with friend John Whitehall who was running his 250 as well.

Brilliant achievement guy’s and John it was all my pleasure to have a chat with you afterwards sir!


Alice Hill course map

The course consists of two clockwise undulating laps of differing lengths around the park’s beautiful forest with the running surface being made up from a mixture of cycle paths to forest trails.

Points to note

  • Strange my Garmin watch recorded a distance of 3.26 miles on this course
  • Think you can get away with just running trainers here
  • After prolong rain there were a few mud patches in places
  • This course is very well marshalled and signposted, so there should be no fear of getting lost
  • Finally, on the second lap only if you dare can test your hill fitness on their infamous named Dragons Hill climb 🙂

For me it was just completing the course after a 3-month layoff from running 5KM distance with the added bonus I went round with my very good friend Carl. Time 48:14

Me, Carl & Gruffalo


There is paid parking available near to the start that has a concession tariff of £2 to park-runners as long as you leave before 10:30am, Sat Nav GU10 4LS. Always a welcome bonus are the toilet facilities are open from 8am at the park’s visitor centre.

Alice Holt entrance

After the run we all retired to the parks cafe for tucking into the well-earned celebration cakes and nibbles on offer, for the record loved the lemon drizzle cake 🙂

Also point to note that the cafe gives a 10% discount off your bill if you present your barcode at the till, nice touch!

There are loads of activities Alice Holt Forest has for you to stay longer if you have the time and they include:

  • 4 walking trails
  • 2 cycling trails
  • Go Ape
  • Play areas
  • Gruffalo sculptures
  • Nordic Walking
  • Picnic area
  • Fishing

Final Verdict

I would like to thank this week’s run director Charles Brake and his team of volunteers for making us all feel extremely welcome. Top work guys!

Alice Holt volunteers

So, if you are looking for a tough, but rewarding parkrun through a beautiful forest then Alice Holt has to be high on your tourist to do list, you have been told!

Finally, for me it was a real pleasure to meet up with my very good tourist friends from Basingstoke again, chat about our latest parkrun adventures and discuss our future plans.

Basingstoke Friends

I simply love these celebration meet ups 🙂


Mark aka Silent

Review 2019

After a hectic time last few years completing two big parkrun tourist challenges it was always going to be quiet 2019 in comparison, a year of reflection and a recharging of the metaphorical batteries!


I run in two races in 2019 with first up back in February was the Hillingdon 10KM and then Rocket 5KM in May that is part of a festival of running at Milton Keynes!

For me though I will remember with great happiness the London/Luton airport runway charity run in June on the longest day of the year and it was a beautiful sight seeing the sunrise as we run on an out and back course on the runway.

Finally on this matter the inner child in me I had to do plane arms out running towards to the finish line with my friends 🙂


We had another successful year on our annual Stopsley Striders beginners course with this year I co-coached this time Gill on group 5 that culminated with a graduation parkrun in July at Luton, Wardown.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Gill and all the volunteer helpers that made it easy to support this years beginners and at the same bringing fun to each session!

Parkrun – year

New challenges

It is always good to set yourself new challenges to keep things fresh and this year I set two long term ones:

Lucky dip touring – I set a list of 50 of the closest parkrun events to me that I have yet to run as of the 9th March. Then I choose a random raffle ticket out of a bag and that will be my next event to attend, it is a great fun not knowing when you are going from week to week 🙂

Here is my list of lucky dip events – click here

National Trust parkuns – I was so in awe of the beauty of parkrun events held on National Trust land after attending both Yeovil & Wimpole Estate I decided to run the 29 events held in the UK at the same time become a member of this very noble charity!

Here is my list of National Trust events – click here

Parkrun milestones

One pleasure of mine is help celebrate with very good parkrun friends running at their milestone events with 2019 being a bumper year

500 ClubCarl Heaps running this magnificent milestone at his home parkrun at Basingstoke.


250 Club – The lovely Christine Imbert joined this club at the stunning chosen location of Wimpole Estate back in September.


100 Club – Very good parkrun friends in Alexis Weedon, Julie Tysoe and Jen Avis all celebrating this excellent milestones at my home parkrun of Luton, Wardown.

For the record Jen also doubled up on the day with 100 days of volunteering, brilliant effort Jen!

Cowell Club

The Cowell club refers to parkrun tourists who have run at least 100 different parkrun events and Chris Cowell was the first person to achieve this brilliant total!

Ken Thomas reached this on a tough winters day at Westmill in March and Scott Clarke son’s Joseph & Samuel both reached this at Dunstable Downs back in May. Finally last up this year was Mark Brady at one of my favourite London locations of Richmond in November.

Special Mentions

Yeovil Montacute parkrun who celebrated their 6th birthday with Pirates in Mens Pants  theme with loads of  wonderfully dressed pirates ready to take on their beautiful Montacute House single lap course!

Bethlem Royal Hospital is the first NHS trust hospital in the UK to allow parkrun to start an event up in their own extensive parkland and in doing so promote the benefits of running on one’s mental health.

What a wonderful idea and this trust should be applauded for their enlighten thinking!

Rory Marriott super parkrun volunteer with 589 volunteers as of writing in June, parkrun ambassador and current home event is Felixstowe parkrun where I met him.

Rory Marriott

Outstanding achievement sir and you are a true credit to us all who adore parkrun!

Evelyn Lutterodt who completed 1000 consecutive days of running back in August with runs ranging from 1 mile to full marathons, also included in these these days was a large number of parkruns throughout the year.

Evelyn Lutterodt

Wow Evelyn you are amazing in what you have achieved and did you say you are now going for 2000 days!

Last but definitely not least very good tourist friend Wai Meng who invited me to visit to her at Leavesden Juniors. Luckily on the day I decided to visit when she was celebrating 100 days of parkrun volunteering at Leavesden and the cake she brought along was delicious 🙂

Memory Lane

I took my mum back to Friary Park, London 45+ years after she last took me there back in the 1970’s in my childhood visiting family. In many ways the park had not changed much and holds lovely memories of childhood past!

For the record I volunteered as a marshal at their Friary Park Juniors parkrun and we retired afterwards to the bowing club for a well earned cuppa and a chat about everything parkrun!

Finally sorry to every parkrun event and person that I have not mentioned on my parkrun adventures this year, but I can say without any doubt you all have been brilliant and I loved running on all of these different types of courses!


This year we said a very sad farewell to local runner Martin Cowley, one of the loveliest human beings that you would ever want to meet in your life.

Martin Cowley



For a relatively quite year I have still packed in a lot of memories that I will remember with great fondness when I look back 🙂

So what next for me is on the 5th January I will be celebrating my 100th separate day of parkrun volunteering at Wardown Juniors where I will be the run director and trust me there will be plenty of cakes and sweets to enjoy 🙂

So finally whatever your running goals are in 2020 be happy and have fun 🙂

99th celebration with ice cream


Mark aka Silent Runner

Wardown Juniors

This report is very personal to me as I was lucky to be there right at the beginning when this parkrun event was just an idea!

For me when my dad and best friend sadly passed away in February 2018 I needed something positive in my life to concentrate on and to my shear joy a Facebook post appeared asking for interested parties to create a core team for a new junior parkrun to be held at Wardown Park, Luton!

So on the 8th April 2018 after a Houghton Hall Juniors parkrun event, we had our first meeting as a core team and the rest was history!

Events Development

I have acquired a new level of respect for parkrun events starting up and the hard work that goes into the process from idea to inaugural event. We were lucky at Wardown as the funding was already in place that was a great start!

So with expert guidance from Tam our parkrun ambassador and Rick our event director we took to the task of creating Wardown Juniors!

Prerequisites for any core team that needs to completed before your event is ready to start are:

  • Every core team member has to volunteer in all the key roles of a parkrun event including timekeeping, barcode scanning etc
  • Walk round and set up of new course
  • Core team take over day at a local event that in our case was our sister event at Houghton Hall Juniors
  • Test event to make sure everything is working OK

Once all of these stages were completed the date of 1st July 2018 was set as our inaugural event.

What a beautiful hot Sunday morning it was too with 79 junior runners and 27 volunteers, expertly managed by our run director the lovely Lisa, it was a very happy day that will last long in the memory!

wardown-junior-parkrun_28265063197_Junior Parkrun - Wardown event one - 01-07-2018 - 0177

My Reputation

Have to smile I have a unique gift that on a majority of my run directing days it rains, which has not been lost our the local community. Even on the hottest summer of 2018 on record it rained on my first stint as RD. So now everyone looks at the roster to see when I am next on and they bring a brolly just in case 🙂


Wardown Juniors course map

The course is just over 2 clockwise laps that start at Wardown Lake boathouse. The course is run entirely on tarmac footpaths and is relatively flat in elevation! Overall this is a fast course for a Junior to get a personal best on!


There is free parking available inside the park with a 40 spaces next to Wardown museum, Sat Nav LU2 7HA. There are public toilet facilities near the children’s play area that are generally open before 9am!

For the Post run coffee the Wardown Museum cafe is open from 10am if you are still in the park and please do have a look around the museum itself as it is great fun as well as being educational 🙂



I would like to thank all the members of the core team past and present for allowing me to be part of this top team! To the event directors Rick & Karen keep up the excellent work and all the best to our new RD’s in Claire, Debbie and Michelle, you are all going to do a brilliant job!


So if you are looking for a parkrun that is set in a beautiful green flag park, has a top friendly community, then Wardown juniors is a must attend event to visit 🙂

Finally for me I am looking forward to the 5th January 2020 where at Wardown juniors I will run directing and celebrating my 100th separate days of parkrun volunteering and there will be cake 🙂


Mark aka Silent Runner

Leavesden Juniors

This week my volunteer tourism journey took me to Leavesden Juniors Abbotts Langley, Hertfordshire that park has a very interesting story to tell and I met up with a top parkrun tourist friend on their milestone celebration!

Leavesden park

History – Leavesden Country Park

This Junior parkrun is based at lovely 27 hectares green flag park of Leavesden Country Park that used to be the grounds of Leavesden Asylum between 1870-1932 and then after to its close in 1997 became Leavesden Mental Hospital.

Leavesden Asylum 1905

At its height the asylum had in the census of 1881 a population of 2085 people consisting of 1638 patients and 447 staff that dwarfed the local population of the parish of Abbotts Langley.

Milestone Celebration

The reason behind this visit was my lovely parkrun tourist friend Wai Meng Au-Yeong kindly invited me to attend Leavesden Juniors. So I decided to volunteer on a day she was scheduled to be the run director on duty as a marshall and to my shear joy when I found out it was her 100th separate days of volunteering at this event and had delicious cake to celebrate this brilliant milestone!

I greatly look forward to our next encounter Wai Meng on our parkrun tourist journeys and for the record Leavesden as you probably already know are very luck to have her as a member of your core team!


Leavesden Juniors course map

The course starts in the middle of the parks main field and goes in an anti-clockwise direction around the parameter, then soon as they reach the trees they turn right onto a woodland tarmac path.

Once they run a short distance along this path, they complete two anti-clockwise laps of a football pitch field. Finally they run back the way they come from and this time run a clockwise lap of the main field to the finish funnel.

The course is flat in nature and is almost run entirely on grass apart from the small tarmac woodland path section. Finally I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of rain we have had recently how well the course held up!

Love the high five foam hand that was given for me too use at my marshal station. We are going to have to get a few these for our Wardown Juniors back in Luton I think 🙂

Foam volunteer hand


There is free parking at Leavesden Country Park closest sat nav WD5 0NX and toilets are available onsite. For the post run coffee they retire to the parks cafe The Woodlands Cafe that opens their doors at 9am on weekends!

Other Facilities include

  • Walking/biking paths
  • Football pitch
  • Wildlife areas
  • Tennis courts
  • Children’s play area
  • Outdoor gym for adults

Final Verdict

I would like to thank Wai Meng and everyone at Leavesden Juniors for the warmest of welcomes on my visit, greatly appreciated and you are all a real credit to our junior parkrun community!

Volunteer and 100 celebration shot

So finally if you are looking for some inspiration for junior parkrun tourism for your children then I can highly recommend this event to pay a visit!


Mark aka Silent Runner

South Woodham Ferrers

Great to be touring again with this week visiting South Woodham Ferrers, Essex that is just 8 miles from Chelmsford with a current population of approx 16,453


In 1889 a train station was built on greenfield land to serve the village of Woodham Ferrers that laid just about 1 mile away. The station was the catalyst for the birth of the town of South Woodham Ferrers with estates being built up slowly around it.

The next big jump in the towns history was in 1972 when Essex County Council decided to turn South Woodham Ferrers into a new Riverside Country Town that included large housing development of the surrounding area into the town you see today!

New Friends

Always Good to meet new parkrun tourists to me in Sandra & Stephen Rhodes with mascot Dudley accompanying then from Wisbech, Norfolk.

A new one for me is Sandra is a keen photographer and takes pictures around the course she visits and shares them with the local parkrun community with this being her current this weeks excellent work link, lovely touch Sandra!

Who knows one day I may pop up for a visit to your local parkrun at Kings Lynn, until then it was all my pleasure to meet you guy’s 🙂


South Woodham Ferrers course map

This event because of the bad weather was run on their alternative single clockwise lap winter course along the seawall banks of river Crouch and surrounding marshland. The running surface is a mixture of grass and gravel paths with very little elevation to worry about!

Points to note

  • Very exposed with no protection from the weather
  • Small sharp inclines to get you between the different levels of this course
  • Bring trail shoes as a option in wet weather

I loved this single lap course with the majestic beauty of a tidal river and surrounding marshland. To be fair their winter course held up well to the extremely wet weather of late and in the right conditions would be a very fast course to run!

My time was 38:47 and very happy where I am fitness wise at present!


There is free parking available at Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park sat nav CM3 5WP. Before the start there are 2 portable toilets available outside the adventure park main entrance gates to their left with the park itself not opening till 10am

For the record this car park is about a 5 min walk away from the start and even though there is parkrun signage directing you to the start it is easy to get confused!

There is a smaller satellite car park next to the start line that is an option if you wish to use it, with a map I created below showing it’s location from the main designated Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park car park!

For the post run coffee we retired the lovely little mobile cafe Phoebes for our well earned cuppa and I even brought a bag of swan food for a £1 for our geese back home at Wardown Park to feed next week 🙂


If you have young children accompanying you to this event it will be well worth a visit to Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park afterwards for a family treat!

Final Verdict

I would like to thank this weeks run director Helen, Hi-Vis volunteers and community for giving me and my tourist friends the warmest welcomes on our visit!

For me one of the most important ingredients of any parkrun event is it’s community and the biggest complement I can give South Woodham Ferrers is like I was running at my home parkrun at Luton, you are a top lovely community!

So if you want to run something different on a beautiful tidal river course, then South Woodham Ferrers has to be very high on your tourist list!


Mark aka Silent Runner

National Trust parkruns

I have been so stunned with the beauty of National Trust parkrun’s in the last month that I  became a member with the eventual goal of running all 27 of them!

Current National Trust Events

Wimpole Estate

What a treat to be running again at another beautifully maintained National Trust property with today’s parkrun at Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire that magnificent hall is surrounded by 3000 acres of park and farmland!!!


The Chicheley family owned Wimpole estate for some 250 from 1428 onwards and between 1640-1650 Thomas Chicheley built the beautiful hall that you can see today!

The house after 1686 then went through a number of wealthy families until 1976 when the then Elsie Bambridge left Wimpole Estate in her will to the National Trust that still run it today.

National trust

I would like to heap a great deal of praise on the National Trust who do an outstanding job in persevering these historical estates and allowing parkrun UK to open events to share in the beauty of running around these magnificent parkland estates!


The main purpose of my visit to Wimpole was to help celebrate with my very good tourist friend the lovely Christine Imbert who run her 250 milestone parkrun on Saturday, outstanding effort Christine!

For the record the cake and company made for a very lovely morning. Great to meet Christine’s friends Pippa White & the TV (Tame Volunteer), Alison Symonds-Tayler, Miriam Jorna, Dennis Lancaster, Lindsay Middleton.

parkrun World Tourists

Special mention to another one of Christine’s friends who also attended Cass Castleton (pictured below in blue cap) who is a parkrun tourist legend, founder of the Facebook parkrun Word tourist Group and holder of so many records it makes me giddy just thinking about them all!

Tourist friends group shot

If you fancy qualifying to become a member of the world tourist group you will have to complete a parkrun in least 4 separate parkrun countries 🙂

He also brings cakes for all the Hi-Vis volunteers at each parkrun event to enjoy afterwards, great touch Cass!!!!

Happy Birthday

Finally on the mention of celebrations big well done to local park runner Maggie (lady in red top) who celebrated her 50th birthday parkrun on Saturday!

Happy belated birthday Maggie and I hope you enjoyed your run 🙂

50th birthday parkrun Maggie


Wimpole course Map

Beautiful single clockwise 5k lap around Wimpole Estate that is undulating in design and is almost entirely run on grassland!

Dog Loop

A first for me on my tours, never seen a separate start line for park runners running with their dog’s that is about 200metres ahead of the main field, simultaneously start with the main field, they then run a extra dog loop just after about 1km for them to make up the 5K distance 👍🏻

Dog Loop Sign

Great idea to split the start locations as this event regularly gets over 400 runners every week!

Other points to note

  • The main climb is about the 2km point with a steady rise followed by a right turn with a steep short incline to the top of the hill
  • This event state trail shoes is best to run in at Wimpole but in dry weather normal trainers will be fine
  • The grass paths are a little bit uneven, so just keep an eye on the route ahead
  • After either prolonged wet weather or in the winter months they revert back to their multi lap winter course that is run around the flat part of the estate!
  • Finally there maybe cattle on the course, so just to be weary around them

So, Wimpole Estate course is a beautiful single lap course that challenges your fitness, but is 100% well worth the effort to complete just for the views alone!

My time was 43:13


There is paid meter parking at Wimpole Estate with a flat £2 day charge but is free though for all National Trust members Sat Nav SG8 0BW. Toilets are available at the back of the stable block near the car park!

For the post run coffee, you have a choice between a mobile cafe run by the estate next to the finish or if you want to sit down with your hot drink and food the is always the lovely Old Rectory Restaurant that opens its doors from 9am!

There is so much extra things to do at Wimpole after parkrun you could easily spend the rest of the day they’re just exploring!

Final verdict

I would like to thank this week’s run director Christian and his team of volunteers for making us all in our group feel extremely welcome on our visit, top work guys!!

So, if you are looking for a stunning single lap event to attend then Wimpole Estate has to be high on your parkrun tourist list, you have all been told!!!!!


Mark aka Silent Runner

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