Event 11 Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Team photo


Very beautiful but hilly heath parkland to run my event 5 on a hot sunny day, there was is a large amount of construction work taking place at the moment with diggers and fenced off areas that is part of the Hampstead Heath Ponds project which meant that we had to run the alternate route B

It was very lovely to have company today running with my fellow Stopsley Strider Claire Frost it made the pain of running beside the famous Parliament Hill quite bearable 🙂

Hampstead Selfie

Special mention to all the beginners completing in our own Stopsley Striders graduation run today at Luton, Wardown Park parkrun we are all proud of what you have achieved!

Very well done to my team that comprised on the day Louise, Anna, Cindy and Claire with the able assistance of Mariaand Amanda that supported me coaching throughout the 12 week course, brilliant running ladies!

Wardown Graduation team photo

Finally need to send a memo to myself I don’t care how confused I get trying to find the start of a parkrun need to make sure that I am running in my trainers (that were in the car) and not my summer plimsoles 🙂

Plimsoles Hampstead


Route B map

Route B is the current section of the parkrun team due to the building work taking place and is known to be the harder route as it has a hill up to the finish line!

The route comprised of a start that was a downhill that opened up into 2 clockwise laps that at one point run beside the famous Parliament Hill used in the national cross country!

Once you have finished the last lap you turn left to run back up where you come from with the finish 50 metres further on when you reach the top!

This is definitely one of the most challenging parkruns that I will encounter on my capital adventure but one I would like to come back and run it again and take that overall 68 metre gain!

Personal Stat

My parkrun time 35:19

Important info

Park Facilities

There are a number of cafes available toilets on the park, but one of its biggest draws is the availability of a number of bathing ponds that allows for public swimming!

Parking is available on street paid metre £2 for 2 hours that is close to the start, postcode NW3 1NT

Final Verdict

Very beautiful park that is an excellent parkrun challenge, thank you very much to run director Andi and her team for making me welcome, greatly appreciated guys!

Next time I will bring my hill legs and swimming trunks and go for a swim!

Run on the 23-07-2016


Mark aka Silent Runner


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