Event 29 Walthamstow

It was all about a big milestone for Walthamstow parkrun faithful today and I was lucky to join them at their 200th parkrun celebration, the cake afterwards was worth the wait of running 5km as it tasted as good as it looked 🙂

For me I had my own milestone I am now over halfway through my Capital parkrun adventure that started on the 25th June at Dulwich, it does not seem possible and I am very lucky in meeting so many lovely people around London and Walthamstow did not let me down neither!

It was also the start of my three parkrun Santa run tour that finishes on Christmas Eve at Old Deer Park, going to be hot hard work running in that suit 🙂


It was great to meet fellow parkrun tourists in the shape of Colin Dinwoodie, Brian Longman and Ercole Marco Lugari, pleasure to meet you all in person!

Also it was great to have my wingman on board again in the shape of my top buddy Martin Ball, I am one lucky person to run in your company, mate!


Walthamstow course map

The course is 3 and a bit anticlockwise laps of the parameter on the playing fields, when you finish at the end of lap 3 turn a final time left around the Oak tree, then straight onto the finish funnel.

Oak Tree Walthamstow

Two important facts about this course that need to be mentioned

  1. Run entirely on grass, so in certain wet conditions trail shoes would be appropriate choice of running foot ware !
  2. There is a steady but pronounced incline up to and along the back straight of this course, my watch said 16 metres gained!

This course like Wormwood Scrubs and other grass events offer a different challenge that makes tourism great fun, every park runner should try this surface and not be scared of running on grass!

Personal Stats

My time recorded for today of 41:43 was not important I was running in a Santa suit for charity and finishing the event that’s all!

Important Info

All the amenities that you require for a parkrun venue are at the modern Peter May Sports Centre that is right by the parkrun start!

Peter May sports centre

Final Verdict

Walthamstow like all the parkruns in East London you made me and my friend extremely welcome! I would like Steven Bywater and his team of volunteers for organising the event and corresponding celebrations, top work guys!

Group volunteer shot Walthamstow

Sharron I bet you are one very proud lady tonight being there at the start to now reaching the magnificent milestone of hosting 200 events!



Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 10-12-2016




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