Event 42 Bushy

I would like to start by adding my solidarity to everybody in London after the tragedy that befell our beloved capital this past Wednesday! I have been very lucky and privileged to run at 37 Great London parkrun events, your community spirt has touched my soul and I know Londoners are resilient caring people who will never let evil prevail in any shape or form!

For the record even though I was born in Luton all my family came from around about Finchley, North London area and I feel a kinship with this great city!

Now where do I start on this event Bushy birthplace of our parkrun community of events with constantly over 1,000 runners attending every week was always going to be one of the highlights of this challenge from its start backing June 2016!

Bushy Park is the 2nd largest of the 8 Royal park in London and one of the most beautiful events that I have had the pleasure to on this capital parkrun challenge!!

Beutiful Bushy landspace

Today bathed in spring sunshine beautiful Bushy in front of 1212 park runners and 16 of those very good friends from Luton, Wardown was at my 50th milestone parkrun on the eve of my 50th birthday!

Friends selfie Bushy

50th Milestone cake


Bushy course map

The course is a single 5k anticlockwise lap of Bushy park that is flat and fast in nature, run almost entirely on hoggin path the only real sections run on the grass is at both the start at Diana Fountain and the finish line!

Beutiful Bushy landspace Chestnut Avenue

Thing to note the start allows the large amount of runners to line up width wise that once started soon allows for the runners to naturally find their own personal place in the field that is great before the path kicks in!

Personal Stats

Time was never going to matter today it was enjoying the parkrun with friends, but when I am fit and not in the impediment of fancy dress will love to run this again to see what time I could get 40:31

Important Info

There is free parking near the start at Diana Fountain Car Park but it get full near the start of the race!

Also very important before the start of the run is there is a toilet near the start at the play area that is about 1 minute away!

For the obligatory post run coffee The Pheasantry Cafe  inside the park is located in some of the most beautiful surroundings!

The Pheasantry Cafe

Beautiful Bushy landscape around cafe

Final Verdict

I would like to thank Ali Kennedy and her team of volunteers for making us all feel very welcome and I was very impressed by the very slick handling of over 1200 runners!

Bushy Volunteer shot

I hope you can all recover from my charity dare to donate costume of an ill fitting Wonder Woman, but it was all in a good cause!

Would I recommend completely YES, apart from being a beautiful royal park it is the home of parkrun,  do not have to say anymore!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on – 25/03/2017

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