Event 52 Pymmes

One thing I have realise early on this challenge was the outstanding warm inclusive community spirit of the people of our great capital, so it does not matter how much a very small minority of people do in trying to bring fear into our hearts, London and the UK will stand up to you and not be broken!

Today at Pymmes has been very emotional parkrun for me, it has taken 50 weeks but now I can now say I have completed all 47 Greater London parkruns and it has been some of the best times of my life!

Pymmes park sign

So from day one Pymmes was always going to be last London event, I just love the fact of that they may not have large run attendances but wow it is ten fold made up for this with outstanding community spirit that I was very lucky to witness today!

Two of the many shining lights of this parkrun are in Jennifer Sterlini and Duncan Robertson the gentlemen holding the cake!

So I witnessed one of the most selfless acts today in the whole of my adventure from Jennifer, chatting to her before the start of the run see felt upset that I would not have a celebration cake (stable food of us parkrunners) to finish challenge!

So 10 minutes before the start of the run at 9am, she said I have got a cake and run off home to collect in so doing forfeiting any chance of a time for the day! So for the record she ended up last on the run, but Jennifer the cake and the gesture was just beautiful for us all 🙂

Also it was my pleasure to meet a legend of parkrun news reports in Duncan, can I say after reading a few penned events I am now a devoted fan sir with your unique eye of our humble Saturday parkruns!

A special thanks to so many of my friends that joined me today and in no specific order they were David Brown, Penny Kilbey, Terry Willis, Liz Davis, Paul Bliss, Karen & Dave Bull, Carly Eaves, Amanda, Malcolm (thanks for the photos) & Tom Rankin, Martin Ball, Paul Keech, Daniel Pudner 🙂

Also another lovely gesture was from Paul, Tom and Daniel that run around with me on the final lap as a guard of honour, which made me very humble indeed!


The course is a very simple 3 relatively flat fast anticlockwise laps of the parameter of Pymmes park that is run entirely on well-kept tarmac paths!

Personal Stats

This was always about the moment not the time, so as my group of friends tail runner the time was for the day 39:32 

Important Info

There is free parking available on the Victoria Road Sat Nav N18 2UG, a tip with this one get early as their was not many spaces left to park at 8:30am! Also for some reason the public toilets in the park were closed before the start of the run!

For our post run coffee we went to  Cafe Mario, Silver Street for a well-earned full English breakfast, which I can throughly recommend 🙂

Park facilities include

  • Football pitches
  • Nice lake to walk around
  • Basketball area
  • Tennis courts
  • Walled garden

Final Verdict

I would like to thank Sachin and his team of volunteers for making this my final London parkrun a truly positive experience! Please do not change Pymmes you are the essence what makes parkruns very special to me!

Pymmes Group community shot

London what can I say so many happy memories where do I start, going to have to pen another blog entry to answer that question!

So for now it’s me signing off,  I would like wish all 47 London parkrun communities a happy and prosperous parkun future in the certain knowledge you are in great hand!!!!

Finally a special mention is required to my wingman Martin Ball who has kept me company in 12 London events, even on the coldest mornings on this epic adventure you kept me smiling, I am lucky to have you as a friend sir 🙂

Me and Martin Ball


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 03/06/2017

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