Event 56 Hoblingwell

So over two months after completing my original Capital parkrun challenge I came to Hoblingwell Wood Recreation Ground, Orpington that located in the London borough of Bromley for event number 49 to regain the status of running all of Greater London parkruns, for the record it was a pleasure to be there with some of the loveliest folk you could ever wish to meet!

So every parkrun has a different story to tell and Hoblingwell again fits that bill as it comprises of two unique parts ancient 1200s woodland and sports fields for it’s local community to enjoy!

So Hoblingwell Wood was first recorded in the 1200s and as the park sign depicts takes its name from “Well of the hobgoblins” and local legend states that it was haunted by witches and hobgoblins. Today though it is lovingly cared for by the Friends of Hoblingwell wood for the whole community to walk through and enjoy!

The playing fields include the home of Orpington RFC and it is great to see how wildlife and sport can catered for it’s local community and live side by side, brilliant!!!

It was great again to see so many parkrun tourist friends with some for the first time in person. There needs to be a special mention that goes to Norman Driskell who also completed his London regionnaire status today at Hoblingwell, well done sir!


Looking at first sight of Hoblingwell course you just go wow am I going to get lost and take the wrong turn, but trust me when you run it does make sense! The course is very well marked up with marshals at strategic points to tell you where to go, so don’t worry!

Hoblingwell course map

Now for the course surface that is predominantly made up of grass, with short connecting paths and a trail section through the woods!

So the event starts on the top raised playing field where you complete one and a half anticlockwise laps, next in a clockwise direction you proceed down to the children play area where you start two laps that incorporates a wooded trail through Hoblingwell Woods and the perimeter of the lower playing fields!

Finally after the end of the second lap you turn left and run in a clockwise direction back the way you come to the finish funnel that is near the start of this parkrun!

Important points to note

  • This is a undulating cross country style course
  • After a period of wet weather, trail running shoes are a must!
  • Speaking to the run director there is an alternative route if the current one gets tricky to navigate

Personal Stats

Just great to be there and complete London again with my mate Martin, time 43:31

Important Info

There is a free car park at Opingdon Ruby Football club that is near the start, Sat Nav BR5 2QB and toilet facilities are available before the start there that is always welcome!

Oprington Ruby football club

Can I recommend the bacon roll that they offer at the Rubgy club after the parkrun with your post run coffee, you have been told!!!!

Final Verdict

I would like to Ralph Ambrose and his team of volunteers for making everyone feel extremely welcome today, excellently well done guy’s you should all be rightly proud of yourselves!

Volunteer group shot Hoblingwell

So if you like a rewarding but challenging cross country style course running through a lovely wood then Hoblingwell is the event for you!

For me it is now 49 Greater London events completed and some of the best times of my life running our capitals brilliant parkruns!

So what next for me, well there is the target of completing 100 parkrun event with now only 44 to go!

For now though London I bid you a very farewell, you have been the most brilliant of friends over the past year, with your people and beautiful parks to run, I have been one lucky fortunately parkrunner!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 19/08/2017

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