Event 62 Upton Court

There are times when good fortune seems to be on your side at Upton Court Park, Slough with this actual parkrun event was bathed in glorious autumn sunshine!

With reports of high winds and rain coming from storm Brian it was like we were in the eye of it with the weather closing in within half an hour after the last runner had finished, what amazing good fortune we had!


Now for the park that takes it’s name from the Upton suburb of Slough that until 1974 was a standalone village in Buckinghamshire after that date villages like Upton became part of this ever expanding town and now is in the county of Berkshire!

The park itself is a large open space designed for sport and has stunning views of Windsor Castle in the distance. This is one time I could have done with a proper digital camera to capture to splendour of this royal castle in all it’s glory, thanks to Carl for supplying this picture!

Windsor castle in distance

The reason why I chose Upton Court this week and change my schedule was to help celebrate Carl Heaps 100th Cow Cowl parkrun event and his daughter Olivia 200th parkrun! May I say very well done to you both, outstanding achievements!!!

Carl & Olivia single shot

I would also like to thank the Basingstoke crew that accompanied Carl for making me feel part very much part of the group, a real top bunch of tourist friends!!!



Upton course Map

So Upton court is two anticlockwise laps of the boundary of the park that running surface is predominately grass with 2 sections of tarmac/gravel paths!

The is no real elevations on this course only a steady small incline up to Upton Court Road and I love the kilometre marker posts around the course, lovely touch!

Upton Court 5k marker

Points to Note

  • On the first lap only there is a dog leg section around an extra field, I have been told in bad weather this can get very boggy indeed
  • OK this weekend but trail shoes should be packed in the boot of the car, just incase you are not sure of the course underfoot conditions!

My time was 37:02 that was not to bad suffering with man fu!


There are 2 free car parks for this event, the main one for the park is located at Sat Nav SL3 7LU and is a shortish jog away from the start of the event! For the record I parked in the Slough Rugby Club ground car park that has limited parking and soon gets full, also toilet facilities are available are at the clubhouse!

For the traditional post run coffee we retired back to Slough rugby club, where they offer hot food as well as beverages. I must admit they do serve up lovely a bacon roll and after polishing out Carl’s celebration cakes I think I put weight on after this event 🙂

Final Verdict

I would like to thank David Ross and his crew of volunteers for making us all feel extremely welcome at Upton court and special mention to Iby Hussain their official photographer for sending me a group tourist photo he took, top work guys!

Upton Court volunteers groups shot

Also good luck to Carl & Olivia in your future parkrun endeavours and I look forward to bumping into you both again hopefully not to long in the future!

So Upton Court I salute you, greatly friendly event for a tourist to visit you all have been told!



Event 63 Rickmansworth 28-10-2017


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