Event 93 Barclay

On a very hot morning for running that was more attuned to watching cricket I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful landscaped Barclay park, Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire!


I find it great to read about the history of the parks I attend and Barclay has indeed a rich back story to tell!

One Robert Buchanan born in 1843 and was part of the wealthy Barclay family shown throughout his life great generosity to the local townsfolk of Hoddesdon!

He donated land for a cricket club in 1880, then in 1883 donated a large section of land of his High Leigh estate for football and the remaining section to the people of Hoddesdon to use for recreational purposes.

Finally in 1935 and 14 years after Roberts death the Barclay family deeded the 17.5 acres sight to the local council, then after the park was formally named Barclay after its generous benefactor and was officially opened in May 1937 (information from Friends of Barclay park)

First Timers

One thing I look forward to at run briefing is the enquiry is there anyone new to parkrun and the joy on their faces saying me and everyone rightly applauding them!

One of the new members was Boz and it was a pleasure to meet you mate and I hope you have many happy years parkrunning 🙂

Barclay first timer


Barclay Summer course

You start by running a anticlockwise lap of the parameter of Hoddesdon Cricket pitch, then you run out into the park! Next after a small linked path you run 2 1/2 anticlockwise laps of Barclay park, on the final half lap you run back the way you came and this time in a clockwise direction run around the cricket pitch to the finish!

This is an undulating course run on both tarmac paths and grass fields and for the record we were running on their summer course with the winter one I have heard is even more challenging!

Points to note

  • In wet conditions definitely a trail shoe kind of course
  • Please note on their course page is depicting the winter course, so any visitor please go to the Cricket club for the event start!

My time was 35.37 in that heat I will take that time!


There is free parking Sat Nav EN11 8JY and there were toilets available at Hoddesdon Football and Cricket Club that was also the lovely location for our post run coffee!

I have been told though unfortunately these facilities are not available in the winter months!

Hoddesdon cricket match

Other Facilities

  • Picnic Areas
  • Children’s play area
  • Adjacent cricket and football ground

Final Verdict

I would like to thank Siobhan Ferrandes and not only the volunteers but the whole community for making me right at home, you definitely have a special friendly vibe about your event you all should be rightly proud of at Barclay!!!!

Barclay community shot

So if you like a challenging but beautiful park to tour then Barclay has got to be the destination to visit!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Extra News

Next week no touring for me as it is our clubs Stopsley Striders beginners course graduation parkrun at Luton, Wardown of which I am one of the proud coaches!!

Beginners 2018 selfie

3 thoughts on “Event 93 Barclay”

  1. Hey Mark, it was an absolute please meeting you for my first ever park run at Barclay park. What day it was, from the warmest welcome by the other runners to the real feeling of community, looking forward to my next run.



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