Event 98 Gadebridge

So after a number of weeks visiting country parks it was different but just as rewarding running an attractive urban park in Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead!

So Hemel Hempstead classed as a new town has a population of 94,932 as of the 2011 census that was developed after the second world war to accommodate displaced London families!

The town does though have a rich history beforehand going back far back as the 8th century as being a settlement and received town charter status in 1539 by King Henry VIII

Gadebridge Park

So Gadebridge is the main park in Hemel Hempstead covering a total area of 32 hectares is split into two main sections west and east. The split is cause by both the A4146 and river Gade running through the heart of this park!

Both section make the most of the Gade Valley with sloping banks that especially on the west side give you stunning views of the river, park and exquisite old town part of Hemel.

For the record the park is joined together by a bridge and underpass that makes this an interesting course to run!

Running Vest 2 – Keech Hospice

This week vest I wore with great pride was Keech Hospice Care that was number 2 of 4 on my run in to Houghton Hall for 100th event!

Keech vest no 2

This vest has a lot of meaning to me as I got my love of running back by completing a year of parkrun fundraising for them back in 2016-17 by running all the events in Greater London region that at the time was 47 in total 🙂

Brilliant memories and here is the blog I wrote at the time about my adventures Lon-done, enjoy 🙂


Gadebridge course map

This course comprises of 2 undulating anticlockwise loops of Gadebridge park. Each loop comprises after the initial start on tarmac a grass loop of a section of the East side of the park, cross the bridge, then use the underpass to run a complete loop of the west hand side of the park, then come back the way you come to a T section in the path to start loop two!

At the end of the second lap you run back the way you came to the finish funnel that is close to the start!

This course is about 90% run on grass and the rest is tarmac paths, in wet conditions this would definitely be a trail shoes style course!

Today my time was 47.07 that invold just running with my friend Martin who is coming back from injury!


There is free car parking at Gadebridge Line Sat Nav HP1 3HZ. There were toilets available in the park before the start of the parkrun that is always good to know!

For the obligatory post run coffee we retired to the charming Pie in the Sky Tea Room in Hemel old town and a lovely Bacon bap they served up too 🙂

Pie in the Sky team room

Other Facilities include

  • Splash park
  • Play area
  • Skate park

Final Verdict

I would like to thank Mustafa Readdie and his team of volunteers for making us all feel extremely welcome! Must admit it was very moving when you brought me up in front of your community, explained about my adventure but more importantly it was dedicated in the honour of fellow tourist friend Mark Sherwood and my father who have sadly passed  recently, class touch sir!!!

Gadebridge volunteers shot

So Gadebridge this beautiful urban Gade valley park will test out your running credentials, but this is definitely a park that will live long in the memory!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Extra News

There has been one constant in my parkrun adventures and that is my top buddy Martin Ball, even on the dullest of days you bring sunshine to the event with your humour and brilliant personality sir!

I am blessed to have you as a friend mate 🙂

Gladebridge me and Martin

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