500 Not Out

All my time of parkrun I have met so many amazing people and tried to tell their stories, so today 15th June 2019 I arrive back at Basingstoke parkrun to help celebrate with my very good parkrun tourist friend Carl Heaps in the running of his 500th parkrun, simply wow!


500 Club

This is the one parkrun milestone award that simply stands out as an amazing achievement for any parkrunner to obtain, the thought of almost 10 years of continually running each and every Saturday without a break is simply to mind-blowing to imagine and shows the runners commitment to parkrun. Again what a brilliant and inclusive concept parkrun is to us all!!!

For the record it does help that your event is an early adopter to the parkrun UK family with Basingstoke first event taking place on 5th July 2008, but according to distinguished parkrun stats man Elliot Line there are only 50 runners that have who have achieved this milestone before Carl, so a very elite club to join!

I have been lucky to know other members in the 500 club including Dave Williamson (right picture below) and Danny Norman (left picture wearing blue top) with these guy’s being great advocates of parkrun with Dave he tries volunteer at every tourist parkrun he attends and Danny has produced a great parkrun podcast called “With Me Nows” that is well worth a listen!

So finally on this matter at Basingstoke I met this fine gentleman Andrew Wyeth who has run all of his 567 parkrun at home and I can completely understand why Andrew with this top parkrun community to run around with each week sir!!!



So I say to all the runners who attended parkrun events today from first timers to seasoned members of the 500 club, I doth my cap and salute you all 🙂

Happy park-running everyone 🙂


Mark aka Silent Runner

Extra News

Well done to my very good friend Geoffrey White who run his 150th parkrun today back at my home event at Wardown, Luton. This man sets up our course every Saturday morning without fuss and is a cherished member in our parkrun community!

Shame I was not there Geoffrey to celebrate with you, but those cakes looks delicious, sir 🙂


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