John Bunyan Trail

After nearly 2 years of completing virtual run/walk challenges like Land’s End to John O’ Groats during this pandemic I needed a change, so I finally got around to joining a local walking group and I am so pleased that I did.

Bedfordshire Walking Club

After a quick web search most walking groups seem to be on a platform called Meetup and this is where I joined a group called Bedfordshire Walking Club.

They clearly state on their what we’re about profile they recommend you should have a good level of walking fitness to be able sustain a good pace of over 3 miles per hours for a long period of time (on the day we were averaging 3.4 mile per hour) with most of their guided walks are 10 miles or longer before you sign up and join them!

So wisely chose the correct walking group for you in terms walking pace, distance you want to walk etc!

For me I have been doing a lot of walking during the pandemic and recently seriously upped the miles walked on weekend routes to 10+ miles, so this was the ideal group for me to join!

The Walk – From Sharpenhoe Clappers on the Trail of John Bunyan 11 Mile Walk

Route Map

The route follows a small part of the 86 miles of The John Bunyan Trail that starts on the top of Sharpenhoe Clappers, which is a stunningly beautiful point to start any walk 🙂

With our host Nick we walked a 11 miles approx clockwise loop that incorporated woodlands, rolling chalk hills, public footpath trails. We even went close by to Bunyan’s Oak.


This walk reinforced my view that I am so lucky to live in South Bedfordshire with an area of natural beauty on my doorstep in the form of the Chiltern Hills.

Very well organised, attractive planed route and I felt safe in the knowledge I was in the very capable hands of Nick guiding the way!

I have as well personally learnt one very important lesson on the day about pacing yourself while ascending the steep steps of Sharpenhoe Clappers near the end, I really struggled halfway up as I when off to fast for me, then had to stop for a few minutes to catch my breath before finishing the climb, lesson learned!


There is a free car park at Sharpenhoe Clappers post code MK45 4SH but be aware there are no on-site toilet facilities.


For me I thoroughly enjoyed the company of Bedfordshire Walking club members, chatting to them and feeling that I have always been part of this group, thanks guys!

I will be back walking with them again on 24th July for the Olney 13 Mile circular walk and I am very much looking forward to it 🙂

So finally happy walking everyone,

Best Mark

Points to note for newbies

  • I strongly recommend investing in a good pair of hiking boots & socks to protect your feet during these trail walks
  • Carry a rucksack containing water and a small amount of food to sustain your energy for 3+ hours of walking
  • Obvious one make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and I have an ICE tag tied on my boot lace in case something goes seriously wrong
  • Always survey the ground ahead of you for any trip hazards
  • Finally, to cover the Meetup site group admin costs Bedfordshire Walking Club charge £3 fee per members payable on the day of the event

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