Always a great pleasure of mine to be back in the capital after being 3 years away running new events to me and today I visited Sutcliffe park, Eltham that is in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Evolution of a park

Formerly known as Harrow Meadows the land was developed into a park in 1937 and named after the Royal Borough of Greenwich engineer Mr J Sutcliffe

Due to this area being a flood risk the park was redeveloped in the 1990’s and reopened in 2004 to become ‘a very special place, where it has been possible to protect 600 houses and business from flooding downstream. This has been achieved by reshaping and restoring the natural river floodplain

I always love to hear stories where public parks are transformed for the betterment of their local community of which it serves and brings nature back into the park for generations to come!


The course is a simple, three clockwise laps of the perimeter of Sutcliffe Park with very little or no elevation to note that starts and finishes just outside the sports centre.

The running terrain is a mixture of well maintained tarmac and gravel footpaths

Points to note

  • At the end of lap one and two, you run around an oak tree to start the next lap
  • On the final lap there was a short grass section where the finish funnel awaits that could get boggy, but it was fine on the day

Sutcliffe is a seriously fast PB style course, and I was very happy with my time of 30:15 that is my fastest time of the year 🙂


There are toilets available before the start at Sutcliffe Park Sports centre that is always great news for us tourists 🙂

Travelling By Car

Due to the train strike I decided to drive to Sutcliffe that is unusual for me as if it is straightforward, I will use public transport from my home in Luton to London.

There are a few points I need to address about using your car to get to this parkrun and they are:

The advice on Sutcliffe parkrun event website is there is paid parking available at the sports centre car park postcode SE9 SLW this is fine and relatively cheap at £1 per hour.

Problem is the payment meters do not allow you to pay before 9am, the event team though kindly start the event a couple of minutes late so you can pay for your parking.

I seriously recommend if you are going to park at the sports centre car park download the Y-Pay application onto your smartphone and make payment in advance for the car park before you travel to Sutcliffe on the morning of the event you are attending.

I did find out on the day that there is free road parking just outside the park on the A210 that has the same postcode address.


Sutcliffe Park is just inside the Ultra Low Emissions Zone ULEZ that if your car does not meet the set emissions criteria you are charged £12.50 per day to travel around this zone. Please check the TFL website to see if your car is exempt from this charge link here

Finally, on ULEZ the London Mayors office plans to extend this zone to all London Boroughs on 29th August 2023

Post run Coffee

I retired for a well-earned coffee to Better Coffee Corner that is inside the sports centre and sat down to have a lovely chat with fellow tourists who’s local parkrun is Tunbridge Wells


I would like to thank the lovely, Catherine and her team of Hi Vis heroes for doing an excellent job today.

So, if you are looking for a fast flat parkrun with a very friendly community then Sutcliffe has to be very high on your tourist list 🙂

Now I have 3 more Greater London parkrun events (currently 60 in total) to visit to regain my LonDone regionnaire status and I am looking forward to it 🙂

Until next time happy parkrunning everyone 🙂


Mark aka Silent Runner

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