Covid Fitness Recovery

This is just my own take of recovering my fitness from a mild case of covid that for me was the first time I have caught this virus!

At the start I let my body fight the virus and I did not contemplate thinking about exercising until I returned a negative lateral flow test result.

Important if you are not sure in anyway, please consult with your GP to see if you are fit enough to start exercising again!

Take it Easy


So, I started to exercise to see where my fitness with gentle paced walking sessions very close to my home.

These sessions started with 30 min walks and grow into 1 hour long, all the way through I was monitoring how I was feeling and if I felt like I was struggling at any point would abandon the walk.


I knew that I was not going to run at the level of running fitness before I contracted covid and I needed a personal plan to ease my way back to full fitness.

So, I decided use the NHS Couch to 5Km plan at an appropriate week to start running again and in my case I started on week 5.

I mixed my sessions between treadmill and outdoors and decided even to incorporate one of the sessions into a parkrun at my local event of Luton, Wardown.


I am so glad I have decided to take this recovery slowly, listen to my body, but I am happy with my progress so far!

I have now completely run a parkrun and a attended a 10 miles guided walk with a lovely local ramblers’ group that I am a member.

Finally, I look forward to continuing parkrun touring, writing about your lovely events and the most important thing is to be happy in what you do 🙂


Mark aka Silent Runner


  • NHS Your covid recovery link
  • Bupa Returning to exercise link

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