Stockley Country

Back in the capital today at it currently stands newest parkrun event Stockley Country parkrun that is based at Yiewsley in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The first recorded history of Yiewsley goes far back to the year 1235 when it was originally known as Wiuesleg and today this hamlet boasts a population of over 12 thousand people. link here

Stockley Country Park itself is one of the biggest man-made parklands in London and “The parkland incorporates 11 lakes and nearly 200,000 trees and shrubs. A comprehensive footpath and bridlepath network is provided throughout the park, golf course and canal side.” ref here

Tourist Takeover

There seemed to be an unofficial parkrun tourist takeover for event 8 with number of unique attended most parkrun events covered by us all must be well over 2,000 in number 🙂

500 Milestone

Very big well done to Steven Ramek who joined the exclusive 500 events milestone club at Stockley, he also finished so fast he had time to volunteer as a barcode scanner.

Outstanding effort all round sir!!!

Steven Ramek

Taking of 500 parkrun milestone I would like to wish tourist friend Dan Cale who will be running his own in a few weeks’ time all the best!

Finally, a special mention to fellow parkrun blogger & friend Steven Stockwell who achieved 200 different parkrun events last week here at Stockley and you can find his excellent detailed blog report here.


The course consists of one small anticlockwise lap around a football pitch then followed by two large clockwise laps of the park. At the end of the second lap this time you turn left to head back down to the football pitch where the finish funnel awaits!

Is it is undulating in nature with a long incline at the start of each large lap and surface running surface is mainly a mixture of gravel & compacted earth footpaths that are remarkably in excellent condition.

Points to Note:

  • If you are looking for a fast time, please place yourself in the events field where you think you are going to finish time wise as in places it is hard to overtake on this course!
  • As they state some faster runners may overtake you on the second long lap, so just very be weary of this when they are coming round at high speed.
  • The course is easy to follow with well placed directional arrows.
  • Always a plus point the final stretch is downhill to the finish 🙂

So, in summing up this course is quite tough to run with its undulations, but I love a challenge and was so happy I did not slow down to walk at any point. Time 35.:35


Decided to drive down to the Stockley Country with free car parking available that is very close to the start of the parkrun sat nav UB7 8BU.

As stated on their event website there is no toilet facilities or cafe available at the park. The closest toilets are at Tesco Superstore that is about 1 mile away from the park and opens at 7am on Saturday’s sat nav UB7 7FP.

While on the subject of toilets I found this very useful website called fetchingly The Great British Public Toilet Map that is great asset if you urgently need to spend a penny and here is the link

For the post run coffee, we returned to Tesco where there is a Costa inside for well-earned refreshments after our parkrun endeavours 🙂


I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart this week’s run director Jeremy and his team of hi vis heroes that’s ranks were swelled not only by Steven, but fellow tourist including Danny Norman as run report writer and Rosemary Egbe course event set up, top work team Stockley!

Had to smile in completing Stockley Country without knowing at the time I completed the fun Snakes challenge of visiting 10 parkrun events that start with the letter S, brilliant bonus 🙂

So now I’ve completed 61 of the 62 available parkrun events in Greater London I am looking forward to regaining my regionnaire status at Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun in a few weeks time.

So, until next time happy parkrunning everyone 🙂


Mark aka Silent Runner

4 thoughts on “Stockley Country”

  1. Oh, I had to chuckle at this bullet point mid report

    As they state some faster runners may overtake you on the second long lap, so just very be weary of this when they are coming round at high speed.

    As a slower jogger and parkwalker I am always most encouraging of the faster runners as they whizz past so make great efforts NOT to be WEARY 😂😵

    Excellent write up, as always. Keep up the blogging

    Joan Cox

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