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Event 24 Harrow Lodge

People wonder why parkruns are such a great success and I think I found the answer today at Harrow Lodge it is the community of people who make it special!

Today I was very luck to be in the company of some truly lovely friendly people who I have ever had the pleasure to meet that treated me like gold with their warm hospitality!

For the record unlike the name suggests Harrow Lodge is based in Hornchurch and is one of the largest parks the London Borough of Havering has to offer!

Cover Photo Harrow Lodge

I also had the pleasure of meeting Annabel who works for the London Fire brigade at the same fire station Willesden as my good running club friend Nikki who joined me at the Fulham Palace earlier in my challenge!

Shot with Annabel

It is also great to meet fellow avid parkrun tourists from Bexley as their home parkrun was cancelled today due to setting up for their fireworks display tonight! Anyway it is great to share stories with fellow like minded tourist, see you all on the 3rd March 2017 for event 34 ūüôā

Tourist Group shot in cafe


The course is one winding 5k clockwise single lap of the parameter of the park that is run predominately on grass that starts and finishes adjacent to Warren Drive car park!

The reason why I love this challenge is the different tests these parkrun events have to offer today it was like running a cross country style course that it the depth of winter would probably to tricky to run without trail running shoes!

Harrow Lodge route

Personal Stats

Not a great day for my personal time of 31:53 but it all a learning curve as it is the first time I have done a cross-country style parkrun in cold conditions, so I won’t beat myself up to much!

Important Info

There is a free car park at Warren Drive entrance of the park but get there early as it gets very busy just before the start of the run! The closest toilets are a five-minute walk away at Hornchurch Sports centre that is the other side of the park!

Here are some of the other facilities the park has to offer:

  • Playsite
  • Ball court
  • Skate/BMX
  • Tennis courts
  • Bowling green
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Conservation area
  • Lake/pond
  • River

On a cold day like today there is a nice post run boating lake cafe on site and thank you Lucy for treating me to a hot cuppa after a very cold run, much appreciated!

Harrow Lodge cafe

Final Verdict

I would like to thank Mike Diver and his team of parkrun volunteers for their very warm hospitality on a very cold morning!

Harrow Lodge volunteers Group shot

A very interesting course that lovers of cross-country would like to test themselves on, in very wet ground conditions could make this a fun challenge for the lovers of running in mud!

Finally I would like to finish thanking everyone at Harrow Lodge, you have a great community spirit there that is quite special and very welcoming to us tourists!

Top work guys!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 05-11-2016


Event 23 Northala Fields

It is great to be able today to run in a modern newly build park that only opened in 2008 that is Northala Fields. One of the main features are 4 artificial mounds that were partially constructed from the rubble of the old Wembley football stadium, it is great to see construction waste material used in such a very positive way as an iconic feature for the public to walk up and view from, top thinking and idea!

The biggest of the mounds stands 22 metres high and allows visitors to walk up on specially designed path to the top for a panoramic of the surrounding area!

Hill top view

Today  as always it is a pleasure to have the company of my good friend Martin Ball! Well done in getting a new overall parkrun PB of 38:38 it was an honour to be your pace runner sir!


The course comprises of a single lap of both Northala Fields and Rectory Park, it starts off with a anticlockwise lap of the largest three mounds, then after passing the cafe you complete an entire anticlockwise perimeter lap of Rectory Park. Finally when you reach the cafe this time you do a clockwise loop of the mounds and the finish funnel is in front of the cafe!

Northala fields course

Overall the course is relatively flat in nature with a few minor inclines, the surface under foot goes from tarmac to gravel, so not a bad course to set a fast time on!

Personal Stats

Today my time was irrelevant, it was all about pacing Martin to a new PB under 40 mins and I am glad this mission was achieved! For the record my time was 38:45

Important Info

There are two free car parks on this venue and there is a very modern San Remo cafe on site with toilet facilities out back!

Northala Park Cafe

The park facilities include six fishing lakes and 3 wild life ponds, a large children’s play area and don’t forget the great views from the observation mound!

Fishing lake


Final Verdict

I will like to thank Philip Prince and his team of parkrun volunteers for making me and my friend very welcome today, excellent organised event guys!

Northala Volunteer group

Also in the team shot I would like to thank the very friendly policeman, I think his name is Nick for joining us and thanks but no thanks for the offer of having the photo with me in handcuffs ūüôā

Finally interesting designed course that a good time can be achieved on!

Run on 29-10-2016

Extra News

Good luck today to Daniel Mann on taking the Leadership in Run Fitness course, you will make a fine running coach for the club mate!

Well done Kathy Sadler today reaching the milestone of her 50th parkrun, shame I missed it today, you are a top lady and excellent run director at Luton Wardown!

Also looking forward to cheering on from the sideline my running friends this Sunday that are taking part in this years Luton Half marathon!

Going to feel funny though as for the last two years I have participated in this event, but my focus for this year is concentrating on completing this parkrun capital challenge!

Finally it is going to be great fun to run this Monday as it is our social Halloween run I have helped organise. We are traveling to the spooky named Galley Hill, Luton that is a famous haunted location that is just over 2 miles away from the sports centre that we meet up at every Monday & Thursday!

There will be head torches, screams and a lot of fun I hope ūüėČ


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on¬†‚Äst29/10/2016



Event 22 Osterley

I was blessed today in running one the most loveliest National Trust parks in London namely Osterley park I have set my eyes upon, let alone run on!

The sheer beauty of an autumn morning with the sun catching the bronze leaves on the trees was enough to take your breath away and make you feel lucky to be alive!

Osterley Intro image

Today I wore with pride my Cow Cowl signifying that I am a parkrun tourist and on the most events board that now stands at 22 for me with parkrun UK.¬†Meeting so many wonderful people and places I will¬†defiantly be a tourist still after my¬†challenge ūüôā


Osterley parkrun map

The start is on the main access road just before the house, then you run 3 anticlockwise laps that surface quickly turns to a mixture of compacted earth & gravel.

Once you reach the far end of the course you go through the fishermans gate that is marshalled then run through a short wooded earth track section by the lake.

The final part is entirely run on grass back to the front of the main estate house and on the 3 lap you run through the finishing tunnel!

Points to raise in wet condition especially after a long period of rain this course could get very muddy particularly as the locals say at the back-end of the course, so trail shoes may be advisable!

I would like to mention what a top job the ground staff have done in spraying the exposed tree roots in the wooded section white so making this hazard clearly visible to as all running this event!

Personal Stats

Very happy with my parkrun time today that was 29:54 great to be under 30 mins again and I will try to maintain this for the rest of my challenge!

Important Info

There is free parking at the estate for park runners attending the event on production of your barcode!

There is a beautiful location to have your post run coffee in their  Stables Cafe building next to the main house, also with toilet facilities available before the start of the race!

Osterley Stables Cafe

The estate also has a lot of things to offer on your visit including tours of the late 18th century house designed and built by Robert Adams, for more details check their website!

Final Verdict

Wow I feel one very privileged parkrun tourist running in such beautiful National Trust estates park, every parkrunner should visit here at least once!

Osterley Course image

I would like to thank very much Tim and his team of parkrun volunteers for making us all feel at home and running a smooth organised event, top work guys!

Volunteer group shot

Final word: A reel gem of a parkrun event location!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 22-10-2016

Extra News:

I would like to say well done to of my Stopsley Striders friends today,

Maria Petts you will make a great addition to our coaching staff after completing the course yesterday!

Philip Davis very well done in completing your 50th parkrun at Wardown Luton yesterday, I have complete faith that not to long in the future you will break that 20 minute barrier mate!

Event 21 Tooting Common

Tooting Common today was all about friends and a very important parkrun milestone! As always it’s great to be in the company of such a top Strider chum in Terry Willis! I hope you enjoyed your trip back to your childhood home mate.

Sorry to embarrass you but you are one of the reasons why I think we have such a special club at Stopsley!

Terry _ Me

Also it is great to cross paths again in my capital adventure with Liam O’Hare who I first met as the run director at Wimbledon Common, always a pleasure to bump into you sir!

Liam _ Me

Last definitely but not least was Mike Morfey who celebrated the milestone of his 100 parkrun today by selflessly volunteering as the tail runner for this event!

This what makes parkrun a great institution, he even asked at run announcements the Tooting faithful if possible to donate their time to become future volunteers, top man!

Mike Morfey


Tooting course map

After a short stretch run by the side of Tooting Bec common cafe you run 3 flat anticlockwise triangle-shaped laps on almost run entirely on tarmac paths apart from the section by Tooting Bec road is a cinders surface! Once you have finished the final lap it is just a short run back to where you had started!

Couple of points to mention this is a very popular parkrun with just over 400 people running this event today, so as the run director Gemma said in her briefing position yourself roughly in the place on the start line where you think that you are going to finish the run, as for at least the first lap it is difficult to overtake. Trust me it takes a good few seconds to run through the start!

Secondly on the Tooting Bec road section there are 2 sets of bollards that make it difficult for as their website says for wheelchairs and wide buggies access, so be warned!

Personal Stats

My parkrun time was 31:45 not to happy with that after last week, I seem to fall into the trap at the moment of not pushing myself and running 10 minute mile pace for 5K ūüė¶

Important info

If travelling by car there is a small car park at the side of the common but the number of spaces is limited and this is a very popular park, so get there early!

For a nice post run coffee close to the start in the form of Tooting Bec Common cafe!

Post run cafe

Other facilities but not for me today beside the park is Tooting Bec Lido in the right weather a great place to swim and relax after a 5k parkrun!

Final Verdict

A very popular event that course is flat and if you position yourself at the correct place at the start you can achieve a very fast time!

Special thanks to the parkrun director Gemma and her team of volunteers who made me and my friend very welcome today!

Also excellently organised event that coped with ease the large number of runners who attended today! Sorry did not capture a picture of the entire volunteer team my fault ūüė¶

Volunteer group shot

Very well done Tooting, top event and community!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 15-10-2016

Extra News

Looking forward to my clubs hosting it’s inaugural Stopsley 10 mile trail race on Sunday and will be participating in it even if it is hilly but fun I think!

Event 3 Wormwood Scrubs

Today it was like visiting an old friend as Wormwood Scrubs until this challenge was the only London parkrun that I have ever run before and it did not disappoint!

The reason why I originally run this event was the novelty factor of saying that I have run behind a famous old London prison, but now I have grown very found of the challenge of running on grass and natural surfaces!

Brad barefoot runner

Today I met my first ever barefoot runner today, Brad complete respect to you running in the most purist way possible, top man!


Wormwood Course map

The course is 2 and a bit anticlockwise laps of scrub parkland run entirely on grass! As you can guess the course was rock hard with the serve lack of rain we have had for a prolonged period of time, a consequence of this on the back part of the course quite wide cracks in had formed in a few places that you needed to be careful with running around!

I would defiantly call this a course of 2 halves with running gently downhill section to the far end of the course and a more steeper uphill slope back to finish of each lap!

Personal Stats

My parkrun time was 30:09 which is a new PB for me running on this event by 12 secs and to date is now my fastest Capital parkrun time!

Important info

There is free weekend parking available at the back of the Hammersmith Hospital near the finish of the course!

Toilet facilities may not be available before the start of the race, but there is a lovely clubhouse owned by Thames Valley Harriers that is inside the grounds of the Linford Christie athletics stadium and I thoroughly recommend the flapjacks and the company!

Final Verdict

What I lovely bunch of people who made me feel at home during my visit, excellent organisation from Ben the run director and his team of volunteers manning the event!

Parkrun Volunteers

Ben (in green) we are proof that Luton and Watford football supporters can get on together and I hope you cherish my gift of my slightly sweaty hatters wristband mate!

Definitely come back in the future to beat that 30min barrier!

Extra News

As of this afternoon I have reached my fundraising target of £500 for this capital challenge, eight months before it has finish!

I would like to thank everyone who has donated to my chosen charity Keech Hospice Care, run with me and last but definitely not least the staff and students at the University of Bedfordshire  who help with the man in a dress campaign that finish last week at Harrow parkrun!

I am one very lucky man!

Report on 08-10-2016 (second visit)



Event 20 Harrow

There are times in your life when you realise it’s about being comfortable in who you are, enjoy family & friends company and on the way help support for a brilliant local charity like¬†Keech Hospice, then the world can be a very beautiful place to live in!

View from Pavillion

Today at Harrow parkrun I achieved it all, this was the final part of three in what I called my Man in a Dress campaign that is part of my London parkrun challenge, it started off with Dare to Donate waxing, next up a man to woman makeover all done at the University of Bedfordshire with the kind help of work colleagues and students! Finally today it was the public running in a dress at Harrow parkrun!

Everyone today were very kind and supportive it felt that I never left Luton Wardown parkrun as I was running with friends! There was kind and fun comments as we run round, a family at the end wanting their picture taken with me, finally a kind lady serving the coffees in the pavilion giving the drinks on the house as I was running for charity!

Community group shot

Me and David

It was great to have Stopsley Strider company again in the form of my good running buddy David Brown and Penny I hope you get better soon, yes he looks very fetching in a pink tutu and don’t think you will be getting it back anytime soon ūüôā


Harrow course

The course encompasses 3 anticlockwise laps of the parameter of Harrow Recreational Park and on lap 1 only there is a shorter loop to make up the 5k distance! Apart from the finish funnel the entire course is run on tarmac footpath that has two gradual inclines that I do not think would be to taxing to new park runners!

Personal Stats

My parkrun time was 34:43 a good time considering I was running in drag ūüôā

Important Info

There is a 40 space free car park at the park itself but you will need to get there early to guarantee a space if you are coming by car!

Toilet facilities are available before the start of the race in the pavilion and it is a great place to have post coffee afterwards!

Final Verdict

Volunteer group shot

Harrow parkrun lead by the parkrun director Anand Ondhia and his team of volunteers done a brilliant job today in promoting parkrun community that is marking the 12th anniversary of the birth of parkrun today!

Finally well done to Karen Randell who run her first parkrun today at Luton, welcome to the family!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 01-10-2016

Event 19 Riddlesdown

Riddlesdown is according to Wikipedia is 42 hectares of common grass land that is on the northern end of the North Downs situated in the London Borough of Croydon!

Scrub land view

A 32 hectare section of the common is listed as a site of scientific interest as it is the largest chalk scrub land in the Greater London area!


Riddlesdown Course Map

There is about a half mile walk from the assembly point to the start funnel and then it is nearly 2 laps of the common that is relatively flat and takes in a wooded section at the back-end of the course!

gravel path

As stated on their website course description this is definitely a cross-country style parkrun that is run on multi terrain surfaces from grass, gravel to stoney path! Special care needs to be taken around the stoney path section as it could quite easily trip you up if your were running at high-speed and not taking notice of the surroundings!

In the winter if there is prolonged spell of rain the wooded section can get flooded so make sure you come to the run with a dry pair of shoes and socks if these conditions are the case!

Important also on the grass sections make sure you stay on the worn path as if you stray into the long grass you could be disturbing nesting skylarks!

Personal Stats

My parkrun time 31:19 happy with that considering the kind of terrain not a bad time, feel like my fitness is improving!

Important Info

There is a free car park at the front of Warlingham School, CR6 9YB and toilets are available before the race that is always good!

Did not get chance to join them today as I had to get home but the local post run coffee is a local pub at The Horseshoe, Farleigh Road, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9EG.

Final Verdict

It is great to run on a flat cross-country style grass scrubland kind of course but as already been stated be weary of conditions especially in the winter!

Special thanks to the run director Kenneth Hooks and his team of volunteers for making me very welcome today, much appreciated guys!

Riddlesdown volunteers


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 24-09-2016

Extra News: Luton Wardown parkrun

Wardown milestone celebrations

Much admit I am missing out on some special moments at my home parkrun Luton and today is no exception, it was my very good friends Liz Evans (left) 50th parkrun and Elizabeth Mc Ginley belated 70th birthday celebration, you both the reason why I love parkruns and its great community spirit, looking good ladies!

I will finish this challenge but I am starting to feel homesick for my local parkrun and my friends with the great times I am missing ūüė¶

Oh well onwards and upwards next week its the fancy dress event, should be entertaining!


Event 18 Ally Pally

What a iconic North London building to run in front of for today’s parkrun in the shape of Alexandra Palace¬†build in 1873 with great unrestricted views of our capitals skyline. Wow!

Alexandra Palace view

This building has a very important place in media history as in 1935 the BBC broadcast the worlds first ever public TV transmissions from the palace, it is amazing how far we have come in 81 years in technology terms since that time!

Again it was great to run with friends Martin & Angelica, well done Gabriela in passing your exam today, top stuff!


Ally pally course

The course is 2 anticlockwise laps of the park with an out and back section at the start and back to the finish of the course! Each lap is real multi terrain in nature with large sections of the top and bottom of the lap run on grass paths which is interconnected with either tarmac or lose gravel sections!

There is a lovely wooded section to run around and over the entire course it has a 61 metre gain according to my watch. The odd thing from a personal point of view is the steep parts are reached by a steady incline and then a steep but short kick at the back end of the course! So it you decided to run this course don’t let the height gain put you off running Ally Pally!

Important thing to note there is an alternative route available if this course becomes impossible or dangerous to run on and I hear it is a 3 lap route!

Personal Stats

My parkrun time 33:05 happy with that as I took it easy on some dump parts of the lap and I drove up the uphill sections. Oh well onwards and upwards!

Important info

There are a number free car parks around Ally Pally and for convenience to the start of the parkrun we chose the East car park.

If you need to use the toilets before the start we used the ones in the main building itself that are easy to find!

For cafes we used the ice rink one before the parkrun and is locate in the main in the building and it seems to be open early as we arrived at 8am, later on we used Lakeside one that opens up at 10am, wow the smell and look on their full English breakfast looked to die for ūüôā

Lakeside cafe

There are so many thing to do at Ally Pally including a pitch & put golf course, boating lake, and off course the ice rink available to the general public!

Ice rink

Final verdict

This is a very enjoyable undulating multi terrain course to run that in parts it feels you have entered a cross country race that is great fun!

As always special thanks to the Ally Pally volunteer parkrun team lead by Janet Smith that made me feel extremely welcome! Specially mention to the lady marshall that cheered as all on with vigour on the toughest part of the course, your enthusiasm is what makes me come back week after week!

Ally Pally Volunteers


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 17-09-2016

Event 17 Hackney Marshes

Today’s parkrun Hackney Marshes has two important meanings to me for the following reasons;

River Lea

  1. The river Lea that is a major feature flowing on the outside of this course. This river has a close meaning in my heart as it starts in my home town of Luton and is a major feature of my beloved home parkrun Luton Wardown. On the subject of my local parkrun I would like to wish good luck to Lisa, Kate, Kathy and Zena on your Luton purple parkrun today for the Willow foundation, all the best ladies!
  2. I am just a stones through away from the Olympic park that inspired me after watching a number of events at London 2012 to get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle!

Today was no exception it was again great to have company running today, along with my great buddy Martin joining us was Angelica (red jacket) who is a fellow lecturer at the University of Westminster and Gabriela one of his top students, great to have you onboard I hope you have both now have got the parkrun bug!


Group freinds Hackney


This is one fast flat course that is simply an out and back route that is run almost entirely on tarmac footpaths around the perimeter of Hackney Marshes with the river Lea flowing by the side of the path!


The paths are wide enough to allow for plenty of overtaking and I love running these kind of out and back routes!

Personal Stats

My parkrun time 30:12 – My fastest capital parkrun time to date but I am slightly annoyed as I could have easier got under 30 mins if I pushed it a little bit more today!

Important info

Hackney Marshes centre

There is free parking on site very close to the start at Hackney Marshes Centre, it also boasts an excellent cafe and there are toilets facilities available before the event starts that is not always the case!

Final Verdict

This is definitely a course you should go to record a your overall parkrun PB it is very flat and fast in nature!

I would like to thank Graham and his parkrun team of volunteers for making me and my guests extremely welcome today, greatly appreciated guy’s!

Group volunteers Hackney

Finally would I recommend Hackney Marshes completely YES a must for PB hunters with great on site facilities, top location!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 10-09-2016

Event 16 Richmond Park

Wow this is one very beautiful royal park that it was a pleasure to run in today, was marvellous to see the deers grazing so close to me on the run that I had to stop take in the view and take pictures!

Time seemed to stand still that I forgot that I was doing a parkrun, times like this it is great to be alive!


Today was great again¬†in the company of running friends Liz, Stewart and Philip, I hope you enjoyed your run’s today and excellent running Philip a time to be proud of posting!

Friends group shot richmond


Richmond Course

This course because of the size of this park is one single anticlockwise lap of just a small section of the park.

The race starts off with a small incline up to the roundabout where you turn left down Sawyer’s Hill that is a tarmac path, then you turn left again onto Sheens Cross¬†and this time you are running on a grass section! The final part your turn left before Sheens Gate onto Tasmin trail¬†that surface changes again into loose gravel and follow the undulating trail to the finish!

My watch said there was a 32 metre gain on the course but it is my view that at no point did I feel that the uphill sections were overpowering to run up compared to places like Hampstead Heath!

Overall I really loved this course, great to run on a single lap parkrun, multi terrain surfaces and seeing beautiful wildlife in the shape of the parks deers!

Personal Stats

My parkrun time 37:43 – Time was not important for me today just happy to be out running and standing still taking pictures of the wildlife!

Important Info

There is free parking Pembroke Lodge, with toilets open before the start of the race and a very nice post run cafe attached as well, this is all about only half a mile from the start of the race!

Final Verdict

Richmond Park Heard shot

This is one vast beautiful royal park to run in, great to run on a single lap parkrun course, excellent wildlife, but could be challenging in the winter though if there was a prolonged period of rain on the course!

Thank you Alastair and your team for making me and my friends very welcome for today, top stuff!

Volunteers Group Richmond

Would I recommend this parkrun to a tourist, completely YES!!!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on the  27-08-2016