Event 14 Peckham Rye

This is a beautiful park to run in with a lot going on from open playing fields, ornamental gardens, common land, a woodland section with streams running through it. An excellent place to unwind and take your family!

Playing fields

The additional pleasure to running in great London parks is that you get to make new running friends and today was no exception!

new friends

I had the pleasure to chat and have a coffee with Lynette and Richey who are friends through running and parkrun directors of their respected events with Lynette is Chichester and Richey is Dartford.

Who knows when I finish this challenge I might take up our offer of running your parkruns and you are always welcome at Luton, Wardown anytime!


Peckham course

This is a 3 anticlockwise lap takes in the scenic parts of the park that includes ponds bridges and gardens.

As stated on their website it is run entirely on tarmac footpaths and almost entirely flat along its length, there is only a slight uphill section towards the end of each lap. I am still struggling to work out where the 14m elevated gain is coming from on my sports watch!

Only thing you have to be careful on this course is the downhill section to the pond that in a couple of places tree roots are breaking up one side of the path. This was make very clear in the new runners briefing so you knew what to look out for!

Personal Stats

My parkrun time 31:45

Total accumulative miles 82

Important Info

Always welcome a free car park inside the park and next to that an excellent post race cafe called Cafe on the Rye

The park toilets for some reason were closed but the staff at the cafe kindly let me use their toilets even though it does not open to 9am, thank you guys!

Final Verdict

Volunteers peckham

This is a hidden gem of a parkrun with a lovely course that is definitely PB territory if you are looking for a fast time, also there was just about the right amount of runners not to get in each others way!

As alway I was made very welcome by the Peckham team, thank you David and Kevin and all the volunteers to making this an enjoyable event! Special mention to the volunteer who cheered us all on even though her leg was in a cast, this is why parkruns are a such a great positive advent!

Definitely recommend Peckham!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on the 13-08-2016


No I did not find Delboy’s Peckham Spring but there was a streams running through the park 😉

Peckham Stream

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