Event 16 Richmond Park

Wow this is one very beautiful royal park that it was a pleasure to run in today, was marvellous to see the deers grazing so close to me on the run that I had to stop take in the view and take pictures!

Time seemed to stand still that I forgot that I was doing a parkrun, times like this it is great to be alive!


Today was great again in the company of running friends Liz, Stewart and Philip, I hope you enjoyed your run’s today and excellent running Philip a time to be proud of posting!

Friends group shot richmond


Richmond Course

This course because of the size of this park is one single anticlockwise lap of just a small section of the park.

The race starts off with a small incline up to the roundabout where you turn left down Sawyer’s Hill that is a tarmac path, then you turn left again onto Sheens Cross and this time you are running on a grass section! The final part your turn left before Sheens Gate onto Tasmin trail that surface changes again into loose gravel and follow the undulating trail to the finish!

My watch said there was a 32 metre gain on the course but it is my view that at no point did I feel that the uphill sections were overpowering to run up compared to places like Hampstead Heath!

Overall I really loved this course, great to run on a single lap parkrun, multi terrain surfaces and seeing beautiful wildlife in the shape of the parks deers!

Personal Stats

My parkrun time 37:43 – Time was not important for me today just happy to be out running and standing still taking pictures of the wildlife!

Important Info

There is free parking Pembroke Lodge, with toilets open before the start of the race and a very nice post run cafe attached as well, this is all about only half a mile from the start of the race!

Final Verdict

Richmond Park Heard shot

This is one vast beautiful royal park to run in, great to run on a single lap parkrun course, excellent wildlife, but could be challenging in the winter though if there was a prolonged period of rain on the course!

Thank you Alastair and your team for making me and my friends very welcome for today, top stuff!

Volunteers Group Richmond

Would I recommend this parkrun to a tourist, completely YES!!!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on the  27-08-2016


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