Event 51 Canons Park

Just when you think you have seen everything on this challenge you then visit beautiful Canons Park one of the newest Greater London parkuns that is a hidden gem amongst all of these parks to run!

It’s great to find a park with such well-kept different features to explore from the picturesque King George V Memorial Garden that is entirely walled to the lovely Spinney Woodland Walk that is part of the actual parkruns course, wow!


There is though one thing I have felt guilty on this challenge is always travelling by car to each event, it is so easy to type into your phone the parkruns postcode into Google Maps, then away you go!

So for this week I decided to become a true tourist and use public transport! Must admit it is very easy to get from Luton to Canons Park just a simple change from national rail to tube at West Hampstead 🙂

For the record though I would hate to think what time in the morning I would have had to leave to get to some of these events especially on the south side of the Thames, but least I have shown it is possible and I made it in good time!


Canons park course map

The course starts near the Good Friends cafe and after a 100 metre on grass you proceed onto tarmac paths to run 3 anticlockwise laps of the park, then at the end of the 3rd lap this time you turn right onto the grass and run up to the finish!

Points of Interest

  • This is a multi terrain course that is run on grass, gravel and tarmac paths
  • At the backend of the course you run along the entire length of Spinney Woodland walk that surface is gravel based
  • Very hard to overtake fellow parkrunners in the woodland section and there is a slight incline steady incline as well!

So if you like to run on a relatively flat multi terrain beautiful course then Canons Park is the parkrun event for you!!

Personal Stats

I have resigned myself to the fact that it is just a pleasure to run these parks and times will improve after my fitness recovers, time 36:51

Important Info

Traveling by car there is paid parking at Canons Park tube station Sat Nav HA8 6RH and only costs £2 on Saturdays. For toilet facilities there is a disabled one near to the start of the parkrun!

For your post run coffee the outdoor Good Friends cafe is available from April to September and can I recommend their ice creams! I partook in the delights of a tub of Raspberry Ripple that we very refreshing after running a parkrun on this hot summers day 🙂

Other facilities includes

  • Spinney Woodland nature walk
  • Tranquil setting of the walled King George V Memorial Garden
  • Children’s playground

Final Verdict

I would like to personally thank run director Chris Parkinson-Best and his team of volunteers for making us all feel extremely welcome today!

Canons Park Volunteeer shot

So finally Canons Park for me you are a hidden jewel in the crown of London’s parkrun events that one day I will look forward in coming back to visit you and this park in all it’s splendour!


Mark aka Silent Runner

Run on 27/05/2017


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