Volunteering Event Set-Up

This week I had a bit of dilemma how can I some spend time with a very good tourist coming to my home parkrun of Luton, Wardown and still volunteer, the answer was very simple event set-up πŸ™‚

So on a bitterly cold January morning I was at our boathouse 7:45am sharp to assist Geoffrey one of our true parkrun legends at Luton! For the record our course is 3 and a bit laps mainly around the park’s boating lake.


The journey like our runners proceeds in a clockwise direction, cart in hand we traveled at a leisurely walking pace, directional/warning signs placed, finish funnel set up and don’t forget to put out Pete’s corner sign for our super volunteer marshalπŸ‘πŸ»

The striking thing for me was the level of course preparation and runners safety Geoffrey went into was quite exemplary! He spray painted the exposed tree roots, removed debris from the tarmac paths and even swept the low laying puddles off the course, outstanding effort sir!

Must admit it was all pleasure being in his company for that 45 min set up, so Geoffrey who has volunteered over 100 times alone for event setup and all the other regular volunteers at Luton and around the country, we salute you all guys!!!!

With Geoffrey at finish funnel

PS Sorry Geoffrey for breaking your broom, don’t know my own strength, but rest assured I will replace it and a new one will be in your cart for next weeks set up mate 😊


Mark aka Silent Runner

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