Event 10 Southwark



Lovely well kept park for event 4 of my Capital parkrun adventure lead by Douglas the run director and ably supported by his very friendly crew on volunteers that all made me welcome!

It was my pleasure today to chat to Philippa and son Timothy on the left hand side of the above picture who are visiting from Newcastle, Australia! Sorry about the weather but enjoy  the show Wicked today and the rest of your stay in the UK, maybe one day I might run your parkrun in Newcastle!

Finally I must be starting to get recognised on this adventure, I was overtaken by this fellow park runner who acknowledged me as Mark the guy is writing the parkrun blog, thank you sir greatly appreciated!


Almost flat 3 anticlockwise laps of Southwark park that is run entirely on wide tarmac paths that makes overtaking easy! There is a bit of a dogleg around the children play area then when you run by the duck pond, there is an outwards bound loop back run on itself at the far end of the course.

Overall a fast flat PB style of course that at the moment is second only to Dulwich as a parkrun that you must run to improve your times!

Southwark course map

Personal Stats

My parkrun time 31:24

Important Info

Park Facilities

Free car park at the Hawkstone Road entrance to the park, toilet facilities is a bit limited before 9am but as stated you can use the toilet facilities of the local sports centre Seven Islands Leisure Centre from 8am onwards!

Post run coffee today Witherspoon’s that was only half a mile from the finish line and had very good company it was too!

Final Verdict

Very warm welcome from everybody at Southwark parkrun, definitely a top PB style of course just need to hit the speedwork sessions back home next week!

Finally I hope you all have a great 150 event next week guy’s!

Run on the 16-07-2016


Mark aka Silent Runner



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