Event 43 Orpington

How do you compete against my 50th milestone parkrun at Bushy last week, quite simple pop down to Goddington Park, Orpington where you are guaranteed a warm friendly welcome from the local parkrun community!

The beauty in Goddington is that it means different things to its park users! This morning there was kids mini football being played, people walking their dogs with us running parkrun event 238 around the lovely but challenging parameter of this park!

Goddington Park

There was a positive buzz about the place before the start with everybody happy to be in each others company and it is making me even more homesick for my beloved home parkrun of Luton, Wardown now!


Opringdon Course Map

The course is 3 anticlockwise laps of the parameter of Goddington park, on the first 2 laps you run at the end of each around the rugby pitches at the back of the pavilion. On the final lap you run straight ahead to finish in front of the pavilion!

Rugby pitches

The running surface is a mixture of tarmac, grass with a pronounced steady slope down to the far end of the course that has to be run back up when you head back up towards the pavilion!

There are a few additional points to mention

  • You have to be careful of exposed tree roots on the final section up to the pavilion
  • The course was excellently marked out with running cones
  • In a spell of wet weather I would probably recommend trail running shoes as the prodomenate running surface is grass!

Personal Stats

From today I will try to reduce my times for the remaining 9 parkruns in this challenge, finish time was 34:04

Important Info

There is a free car park near the start and the Sat Nav is BR6 9DH. Toilets and refreshments are available at the Orpington Football clubs cafe in the pavilion next to the finish!

One extra point I decided because of the distance and location from Luton to take the charged Dartford Crossing as I felt any saving gained not being charged would be negated by having to drive through East London docklands area and Blackwell tunnel!

I would recommend creating a pay as you go account with them as it works out significantly cheaper for each crossing and you don’t have to worry about having to pay for each trip over!

Final Verdict

I would like to thank the run director Ali Bonnar and her team of volunteers for making me feel extremely welcome today especially as being so far away from home!

Special mention to Gillian Askew (lady in red below) she has run now 136 parkruns with 80 at Orpington, you are one of the inspirational reasons why I love parkrun UK events so much!

Well done Orpington!!!

Volunteers Orpington with Gillian (red)


Next week:  Bromley

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